Burn the House Down Politics

Jonathan Morris Schwartz
4 min readOct 24, 2022

Winning at any cost

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Strong language alert!


“You’re a fucking idiot,” “Fuck you!” That’s where we are politically in this country — well beyond reason, critical thinking, and mutual compromise; the electorate is just eating this drama up, hateful language, fighting words, and all.

Can you even imagine a debate between Trump and Florida governor Ron DeSantis?…

“You’re a fat, whiny, egotistical, pathological liar, and an asshole,” says Trump to DeSantis.

“Oh yeah…..it takes one to know one.” DeSantis counters.

That’s it. That’s the whole debate. What do you think, they’re going to fight over who hates gays, immigrants, and women, more. Nah. They’ll scream and curse at each other….maybe it’ll come to blows…or maybe just a “Will Smith” style slap.

There can be no arguing over building a wall or abortion or white Christian supremacy because they both largely agree on those issues.

Trump could try to triangulate (lie) about his past positions and paint DeSantis as an extremist, but DeSantis is no dummy and will be able to point out Trump’s hypocrisy in real time.

How did we get to this level of vitriol in politics so quickly?

It took someone to win the presidency who wasn’t willing to conform to the conventions of Washington’s linguistic and behavioral rules and ethics. It took someone who, transparently, puts his own wealth and prestige over ours. Someone who co-opts and transforms all the raw, untamed, bloody imagery of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts into politics.

And our country — suffering decades of under-education (see today’s article in the New York Times about kids' “appalling” math and reading scores.) and the ability to think critically — was ripe for such a leader.

And so, politics, once a bastion for snoozing and dozing off from endlessly boring speeches and hollow promises, has become a contact sport.

Does anyone believe millions of people wouldn’t watch a pay-per-view wrestling match between presidential candidates and have no problem voting for whoever…



Jonathan Morris Schwartz

Jonathan Morris Schwartz is a speech language pathologist living in Ocala, Florida writing about love, politics, philosophy, and consciousness.