God Is a Laser Beam

Jonathan Morris Schwartz
7 min readMay 13, 2022

We existed before the big bang ignited us into a quadrillion, entangled, ever-expanding pieces

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Consciousness could be a conglomeration or a compilation of every potential outcome in all possible situations from nonchalance to death occuring in different planes, realms, and dimensions. We just haven’t found the portal into this awakened state — though, make no mistake about it, we already exist in more than one place at a time.

If God’s laser beam created the big bang, Who created God?

Who ignited the big bang? Who invented the person who ignited the big bang? These questions place us in an impossible cognitive straight jacket because it creates an infinite regression of unanswerable questions.

There’s always another hidden door that leads to another hidden door. Will we someday — like the Truman Show — hit the end of the world with a sign that says, “Congratulation, you’ve reached the end of the universe, here’s your T-shirt?” I don’t think so.

My intuition is we’re ‘turtles all the way down.’ That there’s an infinite number of universes “birthing” other universes. BUT there is a finite number of cells, atoms, photons, DNA, etc…within these expanding universes.

Therefore, because there are so many, potentially infinite, universes out there, our universe (and everything in it — including US) must statistically replicate itself eventually — the law of averages insists on it.

But that does not answer the question of who created God. Here’s the answer….we did…we invented God. And for now, that’s all we can prove.

The big bang blasted us apart and gave us everlasting life

In order for this thought experiment to work, you must suspend your disbelief in the following ways. You must believe that cells, atoms, molecules, protons, neutrons, and all those tiny little things that we’re made up of, can be in more than one place at one time.

Jonathan Morris Schwartz

Jonathan Morris Schwartz is a speech language pathologist living in Ocala, Florida writing about love, politics, philosophy, and consciousness.