Sex, Dating, and When It’s Time

Jonathan Morris Schwartz
3 min readFeb 1, 2024

Can men and women speak openly about this topic without confusion and accusations?

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Myself, and every man I’ve ever known — gay or straight — thinks about sex a lot. Not just transient thoughts, but all the time….every single day… at every age and stage of life….married or not.

Do women obsess about sex as much?

People scrolling on dating apps often have one thing in mind when someone agrees to meet them and they sense an attraction, and that is….when…more precisely….how soon, will the person agree (want) to have sex with them.

Myself, and many of my friends have dated women who expressed an attraction (spark), but said they were burned (used) too many times by men who said all the right things to get them into bed….and then ghosted them having achieved their apparent sexual goals.

I’m certain both men and women love sex.

We all dream about it.

We all crave it.

We all fantasize about it.

We all want someone to find us unbearably, intensely, physically attractive….so much so, that simply the thought of our kiss makes them tingle and practically convulse with pleasure.

As a man I have a few sincere questions for women:



Jonathan Morris Schwartz

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